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Decking Project near Croydon Surrey

Small Raised deck - Garden Access in Wallington, Croydon, Surrey complying with UK building regulations.

Building regulations required that there should be safe access/egress to new extension. The door sill level is 1.2metres above ground.

Small raised deck with balustrade and staircase all built to Building Control standards was the answer.

Project features a main deck, with narrow path deck for access etc.

In this instance, the client wanted the decking staircase protruding out into the garden.

This can give cause for concern for elderly or infirm users, and can even be a bit daunting for everyday users. The option to have the deck staircase along the front of the deck, gives for better safety and ease of use in our opinion.

Day 1 saw most of main frame installed. The sub frame deck is constructed with tanalised timbers measuring 150 x 50mm (5x2in0 and supported with treated 4x4 - 100x100mm - posts which are concreted into the ground. The concreting of the deck supports is not necessary until all levels are right. The posts simply sit on a solid piece of paving. Once all levels are correct, then the concreting can be done. this can even be left until after the first few deck-boards are fixed.

This method of deck sub frame uses a bearer which is fastened to the uprights with 12mm galvanised coach bolts. The joists are then 'pinned' to the bearer ensuring that a tight string line can be stretched over thwe whole length with no gaps or 'bumps. Once this is done, the decking con be started.

Temporary steps from Conservatory down to garden before the decking was built  Raised Deck sub frame built with support posts long enough to be used for balustrade newels

End of Day 2 and deck is now virtually clad, some of the handrails are positioned and fascia has been fixed. A good day in spite of on/off rain all morning!

Day 3 sees the decking finished, with handrails for balustrade being fixed and basic decking staircase constructed.

 Raised deck deck laying finished with top rail of railings fixed    Raised Deck  finished, with staircase to garden started.

Job done after further half day.
Total construction time - including some wet time out - three and half days.
The decking provides some useful outdoor space, satisfies the building control problem and simply adds a new dimension of an 'outdoor room'.

 Staircase on eaised deck finished with safety railings - balustrades

The spindles of the deck and staircase balustrades have maximum gap between each, of 100mm in order to comply with building regulations. Together with this, the height of the balustrade from the floor of the deck, must be 1.1m 1100mm.

The spindle gap is easily sorted out by using a piece of timber cut to 95mm wide. This ensures that your spindles will not exceed the 100mm gap regulation.

The gap under between the bottom of the spindles and floor of the deck, must be such that a ball/sphere of 100mm diameter cannot pass underneath. This can be achieved in conjunction with the 100mm gap, by ensuring that each spindle is fixed 90mm above the floor of the deck.


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