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Flat ground level decking - shaped around house. Step by step - how to build it!

Large ground level shaped garden deck. The decking team worked with the client to ensure the right design, which also included deck lighting at the installation.

The picture sequence shown, will help you to build your own deck. A single level decking pathway and deck patio all around the rear of the house.

Use proper construction joists - 6x2 (150x50mm) to ensure that your deck will not have too much 'bounce'. Get the sub deck frame right in the first place. Jack it into position temporary and then once you are absolutely certain that it is right, go ahead and and concrete the supports into the ground.

  Decking feature with balustrades at Hampshire location Nr porstmouth

This deck project shows how some relatively simple-to-do angled shapes turned the deck from just an ordinary rectangular space into a bit of a feature. All of the angles for this shaped deck were cut into the frames after firstly constructing them as rectangles. This is by far the easiest way to construct a shaped deck sub frame base.

The balustrade simply followed the outline of the deck - requiring just a little bit of extra work on the mitred corners. Likewise, the decking fascia was mitred around the corners of the raised deck - in this instance at 45deg angle.

And we got the all clear from the boss!!  Just right for a good scratch and sharpening the claws!!!

The cat eyes up the potential for sharpening claws!!!

The deck is all but built. Just a bit of clearing up to do.

Angles on the deck around the bay windows

There are several places at the sides of the main deck - especially in the corner where it adjoins the path deck - where good planting of low growing shrubs or herbaceous plants will add to the overall appearance of the project.

Planting of shrubs will further soften the edges of the deck outline. There is plenty of room elsewhere for access to the garden area. Planted areas will also overcome the problem of grass mowing where there are 'inward' facing angles. These being difficult to manoeuvre with some mowers.

Basic Construction Images for building a shaped deck.

Before any work started.
The area before the deck started


The importance of the timber decking deck subframe cannoth be stressed enoughEnd of Day 2 - A one man job - Much of the sub - decking sorted, with support handrail newels for the decking balustrade ready to be concreted into position.

The main decking sub frame is now shaped ready for permanent supports to be concreted into the ground. The support posts also act as the balustrade newel posts in this instance - Tanalised 100x100mm posts fed up through the sub frame and into position as newel posts. This will give the balustrade railings much more stability  than newels bolted to the sub frame.

End of Day 3.  Decking started, Supports concreted into ground after final levelling, then an early end to the day for a dental appointment - Oh Joy!!!

Narrow raised decking garden path to side of house Angled corners to the main decking area

Hefty decking joists together with sturdy posts to support the timber decking project and act as newels for the balustrades

Minor adjustments and add-ons are positioned to give the join between path and deck a more pleasing effect. The great thing being, that all sections of the sub deck will be hidden from view once the deck boards and fascias are fixed.

Nevertheless, care should be taken with the fixings of any bits of joists which are 'supplemental' to the main frame.



End of Day 4. On the way round the bend now!!!

decking project nearing completion, with the surrounds to the house bay sections more or less completeSome of the angled decking that gave the project a pleasant feel
View of the deck angles

End of Day 5.  Decking Balustrade made and fixed together with fascias to ground level section of the deck. Balustrade normally carried out after all decking completed, but awaiting delivery of lighting system so decking could no proceed! balustrade top hand rail is simply a section of 6x2 decking joist - which in this case already had a planed profile. No additional smoothing other than light sanding.

On the finished adjoining decked path, the fascias are mitred into place. Not at 45deg - so needing a little bit of work with the bevel square and protractor to get the joints right. Finishing on this type of thing is very important for a good professional look.

The main deck - angled to fit in with the rest of the decking project Decking fascia boards finish the deck off nicely

The joisting can be seen to better effect on these images.
This is how the deck joists were constructed and fitted 


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