Decking Information and Advice at The Top Deck     

Many examples of decks being built and the finished timber decking projects, with information and advice on all decking matters.

Most of the decks on this site were built in Kent and London. We also plan to bring you many more examples by other contractors, with guidance on how to design and build your own project.

Garden patio decks have never been more popular, and are a great way to expand the living area into the garden. Together with this, there is a steady demand for the building of raised decks. Timber is a much better surface for all year round use and lends itself to all style of garden layouts when building a deck.

Advice and Information Centre.

Subframe joists for large deck Acer used to contrast the straight lines and corner Deck and steps in construction

Build Your Deck - Information about building a deck

Construction. All the Decking materials and all the information you need to build your own project. Just remember that building a deck requires good basic DIY skills and is not a job for the first time saw-holder! 

If in doubt - even after looking at our many projects, enlist the help of a competent friend, or in the case of a raised deck, make sure that you get a good specialist to do the work for you. We supply a list of Contractors by county in the UK.

Plastic and Composite Boards - Now well established and trusted throughout the world.

Raised Decks are a mixture of carpentry and engineering. You need to know both to ensure that you have a safe product that will last many years. We have a selection of Raised projects to give you some ideas. The construction is best entrusted to an experienced contractor.

Patio and Garden decking is normally within the scope of a good DIY person. We have several examples in each category for you to have a look at, both to give you ideas and also to help you with the various construction details.

A small selection of Plans can point you in the right direction if designing your own decking project. Even the smallest decking project should be set down on paper, and you do not need to be a qualified draughtsman to do it.

Decking is a great way to 'level' a sloping garden and to give yourself some space that can be utilised. Plenty of examples of Decking a Sloping Garden to be found here. just remember that a sloping garden requires a greater physical effort than working on a flat surface. Agility will also be required.

If you are stumped for ideas, then take a look at our Projects page or our photo Gallery of 100 decks. (Not quite a hundred yet - but we are ever optimistic.)

And of course, once you have your decking installed, you will need to know how to keep it looking good - by a combination of cleaning your deck and oiling your deck. You can even watch a  video here.

Decide that you really need and want a deck, then the serious choices start - beginning with which timber to use. The choice is not too difficult - basically softwood  or hardwood decking.
Timber decking is normally classified as being either softwood or hardwood. Find out more about Garden Timber Decking here.


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