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Garden Decking - raised deck, balcony deck and Patio decks.

Large decking project including a raised balcony deck together with ground level patio deck in main garden area.

One of the decks was used as a BBQ area, with a log cabin supported on a further deck, whilst the front garden was catered for with a high level deck with great views over the house - across the North Downs of Kent.

This was a substantial project involving the removal of several tons of timber, and with the resultant new timber decking also weighing in at several tons.

(No matter, the deck work was carried out in the winter months - so easy to keep warm with that amount of timber to move around! Two or three men were working on this large decking project for just over one week.

Day 1

Clearing the builder's scaffolding out of the way, and dismantling old existing deck. Taking delivery of our own materials.

walderslade 002.jpg (54894 bytes) walderslade 001.jpg (53799 bytes) walderslade 003.jpg (56111 bytes)
The old deck was in urgent need of removal - having rotted away in several sections, and generally being in a state of disrepair. Quite a danger in fact. The previous timbers had not been treated properly for outside use. Probably brush treated with preservative at most. No good for long term. Tanalised timbers are the standard throughout this website, and such timbers - which are now normally supplied with such treatment - should be the norm.

 Day 2  - Work gets underway in earnest. Main raised deck and Main Ground level decks are provided with a sturdy sub-decking base.

Old deck was demolished (!) yesterday - so now it's down to us.

Work Starts on the Main sub-deck frame for the Raised Deck section.

walderslade2 001sm.JPG (57837 bytes) walderslade2 003sn.JPG (39454 bytes) walderslade2 006sm.JPG (56043 bytes) walderslade2 007sm.JPG (52161 bytes)
First few timbers of the main raised upper deck. As can be seen, the initial stage involved simply clamping the frame bearers and posts into place. A wall plate - previously fixed with joist hangers for the decking joists - has been bolted through to the house wall, and all other level datum points are taken from this. It is imperative that this wall plate is correctly installed at the precise level.

 The rest of the deck structure depends upon this basic datum point. Once all levels are suitable, then the main bearers are drilled, ready to take the M12 galvanised steel bolt fixings.

Serious stuff this!   No skimping on timber either!  The raised deck sub frame starts to take shape

walderslade2 010sm.JPG (51028 bytes) walderslade2 013sm.JPG (47371 bytes) walderslade2 014sm.JPG (49042 bytes)
These images give idea of height of main raised deck, and also the workmanship that is involved in fixing this type of frame. Most of the deck sub-base now in place.

Raised decking Pathway around side of house.

walderslade2 017sm.JPG (52726 bytes)
Raised Balcony Pathway base to side of house takes shape. this will give access from the front of the house - which is at higher level - through to the main raised balcony deck. The same dimensions of decking joists are used throughout - raised or ground level - being 150 x 50mm (6x2in. The bearers are 9 x 2in (225x50mm) C21 construction timbers.

Meanwhile - down at ground level! .....

walderslade2 020sm.JPG (60826 bytes)
Down below, another deck base takes shape. This is for a large ground level patio deck, which will have access to a small slightly raised deck for BBQ and a further slightly raised deck to take a bicycle shed.

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