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Free Decking plans & Deck sketch ideas

It is important to have plans drawn up for your decking scheme. Here are just a few ideas to whet your appetite.

Never forget that the deck should be an important link between house and garden. A good deck plan will take that into account.

Like it or not, most decks are based upon rectangles. Deckboards are after all rectangles. However, with a bit of insight and innovation, you can soon turn those rectangles into all manner of shapes. Anything from a basic square to a full circular deck can be accomplished, either with innovative planting plans, or by some basic design ideas with your future deck.


An initial deck plan can be done on any scrap of paper, then follow it through by some scribbles on a sheet of graph paper to get the dimensions and proportions of your deck project right.

The detailed plans of your decking project will take a bit more time - and expertise. You will probably know someone who can help with this maybe?

We give you some decking project ideas over the next few pages.

Octagonal Decking plan idea. Not the easiest of ways to construct an Octagonal Deck.

 Plan for octagonal timber decking project. It will be easier if you plan your decking to go across the octagon rather than follow the radius with decking




Basic Circular Deck sketch with Planting ideas to add interst.

A plan for a basic circular deck, showing how srhus can add an interesting effect to the decking layout





Deck incorporated into patio - Octagonal and terrace deck sketch plan ideas.

DeckPlan shows decking terraces leading onto an octagonal deck feature 3IN.JPG (24885 bytes)

View part of this decking project here.


Above ground Swimming pool plan for decking possibilities

 Pan a deck around your above ground swimming pool. Decking is the ideal solution to deal with the elevated pool. Plan your decking to take into account the full use that your deck will be put to.

Multi level decking ideas with planting to add interest - and privacy

Sketch of Tiered deck with connecting decking staircase

Double split level softwood deck sketch plan.
Split level deck - with simple design for a 6in (150mm) step.


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