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Garden Decking Patio project to take hot tub. Nr Brighton - Sussex.

A long wide main deck leading down to a pathway lower deck - interconnected with a stairway. The main decking area needed to be strong enough to support a large hot tub. No problem, the deck simply had to conform to our normal construction criteria!

This Burgess Hill - Brighton - Deck comprised of a main deck, surrounded by new railway sleeper-type timbers to act as retaining walls, and a large pathway lower decking area - after the client carried out the excavation works needed to considerably enlarge the main patio deck area.

Before we started, Long, narrow patio with uneven paving and constrictive retaining walls.

The existing site area to be decked

The finished decking project with hot tub in place

Client arranged for excavation works and new retaining wall from new timber sleepers.

The deck was supported above the ground on railway sleepers.

Then we moved in to start the decking sub-deck - strong enough for a hot tub spa to be positioned on the deck.

Decking sub deck underway - showing much of the joist work

Laying of deckboards well under way

More follows >>>>>

A shallow decking step area Detail of the deck finishing around the railway sleepers

Small staircase from garden down to deck. General view of the patio deck with hot tub in place.


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