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Decking veranda and balcony finished.

Large Timber decking project in Medway. There were a total of 5 decks including a raised deck, a BBQ deck, a deck pathway, and a high level deck.

The deck was built by three experienced deck hands and in all took six working days - in bitingly cold weather. Good work to keep yourself warm outdoors.

The total weight of the timber was several tons.

Sidewalk to Main Veranda Deck. The raised decking pathway from front of house through to rear balcony deck is now finished. This gives good access to the large verandah deck and also to the lower garden patio deck.

walderslade6 001sm.JPG (30742 bytes)
The image shows the change of direction of the deckboards at the step. This is always a good thing, so that the decking step can be defined more.

The effect of the long spindles can be seen when they are dropped down in front of the deck. A little bit of cutting out on the final deck board gives the width required for a some overhang, below which will be the fascia fitting. 

walderslade6 008sm.JPG (35017 bytes)
Main Veranda Balcony deck is now finished. All of the construction details to get to this stage are shown - if not described - on the previous pages. This deck was not closed in round the sides - allowing for some possible storage space under the deck. Not waterproof of course because of the 8mm gaps between all deck boards.

walderslade6 009sm.JPG (39623 bytes)
The BBQ Deck base is in - and the shed base can be seen at far end. The separate decking area for the BBQ is a good idea - not only for safety in use of the finished product, but also to minimise the inevitable marks on the main deck.

The large ground level deck simply needs the balustrades fixing.

walderslade6 010sm.JPG (36774 bytes)

The deck sub frame of the BBQ has been temporally laid into position in order to determine levels and placement.

Now that has been decided, the remaining joists will be inserted and fixed. 

walderslade6 013sm.JPG (28658 bytes)
Around the front, and way up top >>> the high level small deck that looks over the top of the house is now complete, with all works done to the same robust standards of the larger decks on this project.

walderslade6 014sm.JPG (32497 bytes)
THIS is the Top Deck! - Job Done!

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