The Decking Staircase - Two Tier Deck 3

A small timber decking staircase leading from one deck to the other also provided for a small play den under the stairs. The decking stairs were constructed by using a cutaway timber stringer, which has the tread widths already formed. The width of the tread on the decking staircase is two 150mm deck boards - 30cm.

Staircase timbers should always be fixed with screws and not simply nailed together - nail gun or no!

In this instance, the small area under the steps and platform were utilised as a mini hideaway for the children to play.


Stairway to upper deck takes shape
Stairway in progress to upper deck

A small cubby hole for the little boy has been earmarked!
Under-stairs Cubby-hole for tots started. Start of upper sub-deck can be seen

Deck frame sorted for higher level deck
The upper sub-deck as seen from the top of garden

A hitherto un-usable garden is turned into a safe haven for children and adults alike by the building of a quite simple split level deck. Balustrade were obviously constructed along the front edge of the upper section of the split level.

It is a project that should be within the scope of any competent DIY enthusiast. The main thing to remember with this type of project, is that if you come up against a detail about which you are not sure - STOP! get it sorted before continuing. Then you can be sure that the split level deck that you build, will give you and the family many years of good use.

Simple techniques were used to build this split level project. Don't try to over-complicate things!

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