Split Level Garden Deck - Two tier deck 2

Small two tier split levels deck with connecting staircase gets underway, with the installation of timber joists - 150x50mm (6x2in). The basic structure for the staircase is the first job to do in order to allow ease of access between the split level decks.

In this case - with the deck being constructed over a solid concrete pad/patio, there was no need to support the joists other than to have 'pads' at 1m centres. 

There is always the possibility of a 'rattle' on the deck surface with this method of simply laying the joists down unanchored. However, by using good quality joists - 6x2in and heavy duty deck boards - 150x37mm - the risk of this is considerably reduced as the sheer weight of the timber will act as a stabilising factor.

The upper section of this split level timber garden deck was constructed over an old lawn area, so there we no problems in sinking anchor posts into the ground.

Decking timber delivered earlier than anticipated - or needed!


Timber on site - ready for work to start





The steps are off to a good start - a good point!



New steps functional! and can hold weight of the guvn'or



Lower patio level deck joists in position ready to be decked
Sub deck beams in place temporary. Old debris such as hardcore can be left under the deck frame without any undue problems - but not old timber or garden rubbish!


Deck laying in progress and all brick rubble well hidden under the deck - no harm!
Decking underway, using good quality boards with dimensions of 150x37mm for the strength needed for a quality garden timber deck. This standard quality is suitable for most decks.

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