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Decking patio around a Kent Oast house

Large L shaped ground-level deck nr Canterbury Kent. As well as the extensive decking patio, there is also be some interesting planting provision within the decking scheme, including climbing roses and herb beds. Top Deck carried out the deck works with their own staff.

The Canterbury decking complex included planting poles for climbing roses and a pergola to set of the entrance to the house. The deck - which covered two sides to the large house, was laid at slightly above ground level to allow for an access road to be constructed.


Blue skies over Canterbury for this beautiful decking scheme by the Top Deck Team

Day 11 - Planting support posts fixed into position and decking 95% complete.

The decking is complemented by pergola type posts for climbing roses

Day 1 sees major part of the sub deck to front of house positioned and fixed to house wall.


The oast house - set in the beatiful countryside near Canterbury - before we started the decking

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 The front area of Kent oasthouse before softwood deck patio installed

Day 2 - Base frame secured; ground membrane strips positioned and fixed. Decking started to give clients suitable access to and from house.

Joist sub deck to the ground level deck are in position and decking starts.

Day 3 sees the deck sub-frame going round the bend! Once the frame has been sorted, this area will be treated with a total weed-kill - which, in this instance, will be more suitable than a membrane.

The corner of the oasthouse is catered for with an L shaped deck

Day 4 - Extra work to the corner section of the sub frame of the deck. Accuracy important to ensure a good match and line of the converging deck boards.

Joist work for the L shaped softwood deck The change of direction of the deckboards at the corner give added interest

And of course we had help!!!

Help is always on hand when building a deck and having kids present.

Day 5 Decking now in full swing after joists have been supported.

Taking the deck around the corner of the oasthouse

Day 6 Sees one side of the L shape all but finished. All joists and frame timbers have been supported to ensure no undue 'springiness'.

Images may be clicked for enlarged version.

The corner area is well underway on the patio deck Overall view of the deck patio in front of oast house


Day7 - Next section of deck now fully supported, and decking up to planting holes takes place.

The front of the house deck area Holes left out of the decking to take climbing plants up pergola uprights.

Day 8 Decking nearing completion...

Deck finished with planting holes in evidence A corner is left out of the deck patio to allow for planting to soften the area.




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