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Large raised Decking at Sevenoaks Kent

The project consists of a large decking area 1.8m above ground, and will include a pergola and  staircase together with trellis screening to both left and right sides. A feature of the area is the fact that a 'collection' tank for rainwater will be situated under the deck and will provide a watering system for the remainder of the garden.

A substantial sub deck will support the main decking area - as will be seen from the images below.

Raised Decking at Sevenoaks. The large timber decking project  started on 20th September 2006.


The deck will be constructed from tanalised softwood. The decking timber is normally guaranteed against rot and decay for fifteen years. It is anticipated that the deck will last much longer than that.

Large raised softwood timber deck with balustrade and trellis screen

The entire decking project will be captured on a time-lapse web-cam, and will be available to view later. The decking staff have negotiated additional fees for 'acting'!!  (joking) . We are simply flattered - and certainly not afraid - that someone has decided to capture the whole project - coffee breaks and all - for posterity!

Day 1 20th September.

  The raised decking project in Sevenoaks kent at the end of day 1 - with the decking sub-deck constructed

Day 2 21st Sept 06. One of those days when you slog your guts out and it looks as though you have done nothing!

Worse still, it won't be seen on the web-cam for most of the time was spent 'under' the deck frame!

Under the proposed raised decking at sevenoaks in kent. The timber decking subframe well supported with posts and cross beams

22nd September - It rained - but we managed to get the uprights in place for the balustrades.
The tall posts on the right hand side are to form part of a high pergola and trellis screen over the stairway down into the garden.

Was that a pigeon? Certainly a 'bird's eye' view!
Birds eye view of the frame for the raised decking. Construction of this is probably the single most important part of the decking project. If this is not carried out correctly, then the deck will never be right.

26th September - Sees the deck boards laid - a good day's work with no interference from the rain!

27th September. All of the odd shaped bits of decking are cur around the bay sections of the house. These are always fun to do!!!!

Decking in and around the bay windows on this large raised deck

A removable cover is built into the deck to give access to the water collection tank below. Similar lids/covers are used when covering inspection covers.

28th September - after yet another damp start - a staircase is put into the offending gap!

Staircase under construction - shows the detail of fixing struts for the treadsStaircase finished other than balustrades
For more detailed information on how to do this - you will have to buy my book :-)

Fri 29th Sept - a thoroughly damp miserable day to be decking! But - on with the job.
Balustrades to get sorted as we head into the final stages of a Top Deck Decking project.

Thumbnails can be clicked for enlargement.

  Angled deck gives extra work and expertise for the balustrade Balustrade angle from the deck view

Tue 3rd Oct - after an abortive day yesterday - owing to yet more rain!!!!!

Balustrades now completed and a good start on the cladding of the under-frame of the deck. Very sturdy, and a little unusual style, but very effective.

Steps to side of deck - which will be screened by trellis work The finished deck ready for the first dinner party

 Front of the deck showing unusual facing

Next task it to sort out some 3.6 metre high trellis (!) required by the Planning Department together with high level pergola.

Pergola uprights are fixed - ready for pergola beams and trellis screen

As you can see by the clouds - the weather is very changeable!! This is the pergola structure that will be host to a substantial trellis for screening from the neighbours! It will measure 4.8 metres wide x 3.6 metres from the ground - and will have a 50mm grid!

Pergola over the staps to the deck Front view of the deck nearing completion

5th October - WET! - But managed to get rid of 600 screws and erect part of the trellis (after two changes of clothing - yippeeee)

Large trellis screen presented a few problems in construction and fixing The trellis screen to the raised deck gave complete privacy for the next door neighbours.


View Finished deck 


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