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Raised deck over steep bank at Sevenoaks

Added space and a safety problem solved with the overhanging raised deck. The deck overhangs a very steep slop on the garden, and increased the area of use by over 50%. Prior to the decking being installed, this area was unusable - especially for children.

Now there is a splendid area for the family, and no problems with the safety aspects with the decking securely in place.

Deck at end of day 5

The finished deck patio overhanging a steep bank

Day 1  - Preparatory works for the decking project.

Old patio to be decked over, with the removal of concrete step to enable the deck to be low enough under the door sill.

The old patio area before the decking was started Lack of usable space on the old paved patio Ledger plate bolted into the house wall - ready fixed with joist hangers

Main timber plate with joist-hangers fixes, is bolted to the house wall, together with the deck sub-deck system put into place on a temporary basis.

 easy to sling the joists from the joist hangers onto a temporary bearer.

Main bearer under joist concrete supported into the ground, and a few bits of decking laid together with the main support post for deck and balustrade now concreted into position. Some rough marker are positioned to suggest to client where the corners could be cut off to add interest, and take away the stark rectangular aspect of the deck.

An ambitious overhang was called for on this deck to provide maximum space The deck is supported in the main on a double bearer.

The bank is slippery - very slippery - with bluebells and other wild plants making a nice helter skelter!!!  (Guv'nor retrieved from bottom of slope on two occasions!)

Day 2

2 more rows of 4x4in (100x100mm) supports concreted into ground to - ensure that the deck will not have any 'spring' - together balustrade posts concreted into ground at extreme slope on bank. Corners of the deck cut to shape for added interest, and to link to additional side deck - yet to be started.

Balustrade posts were long enough to be concreted into the ground for the strength of the substantial over hang of the deck Side view of the decking works underway Angled corners were cut into the frame for effect
The leading edge of the deck was supported by decking newel posts that were concreted into the ground, bolted through to the deck end plate joist, and then used as newel posts doe the balustrade railings.

Day 3 -  Blustery and cold!

Remainder of deck boards laid, together with balustrade upright cut to right length. Decking balustrades for this section completed.

  A pleasant balustrade effect - but very sturdy

Job done End of Day 5

Decking balustrade prevented any mishaps over the steep bank The finished angled decking area
The far end of the deck in this image, shows the logical extension along the top of the embankment - enabling safety balustrade railings to be used the full width of the garden, and provided an excellent viewing platform - or incidental deck.


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