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The Deck and trellis screen - finished and ready for use.

Large raised timber decking scheme in Sevenoaks. Required planning permission, and objections were overcome with the provision of a trellis screen and pergola for growing plants to screen and give users and neighbours total privacy.

The trellis for this was treated roofing battens. The battens are treated prior to purchase, and will withstand many years of exposure to the elements - thereby making it very suitable for use with decking, which is similarly pre-treated.

The importance of using pre-treated timber, is basically that plants do not have to be removed every year or so in order to treat the trellis wood with preservative. Trellis made from these battens are normally much stronger than this ready-made items available at garden centres. As you can see from the right picture, inter panel support for the trellis is minimal. It was sufficient to support the trellis at ground level - to avoid sagging.

  Large trellis screen constructed to give privacy for the deck users and also the neighbours Front view of the deck - showing heavy duty cladding to front, which includes access to the underdeck View down staircase into garden, under pergola erected to take trellis and screening plants

The deck owners are anxious to take possession Viep up the staicase from lawn level Along the deck

   The finished deck from the garden 

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