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Timber Decking Ramp for disabled access to and from home.

A timber decking ramp proved to be the answer for disabled access to and from the home in this case. As well as the decking ramp to the from access, there was also a deck ramp into the back garden

The smooth gradient allowed for safe wheelchair access - and the edge of the decking was finished off with a shallow kickboard to constrain the wheels.

This simple idea made life a lot easier for the client - and also safer. The access onto and egress from the ramp are important areas to think about, for whilst wheelchairs generally have large rear wheels - enabling them to 'ride' small bumps etc. They also normally have small front guiding wheels. These make it difficult to ride over level changes - unless the chair is tipped backwards, which is normally the case.

Changes in level are normally effected by 'reversing' the  wheelchair over any obstacles - such as ramps or pavement kerbs. In this particular instance, it was more convenient to 'drive' forward both into and out of the house - rather than reversing. The shallow exit point of the ramp ensured that this could easily be accomplished.

Wheelchair access sorted out with a decking ramp Raised Side rail ensures safe use


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