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Raised Garden Decks and Decking Balconies.

Only in certain circumstances should raised decks be attempted by DIY enthusiasts. We explain why.

A raised deck can be described as any decking structure that is set above ground level. It can also be a deck that start off at ground level, but because of a slope in the ground, can soon develop into a raised deck - needing the installation of balustrade railings for safety aspect.

Normally, a raised deck will need a couple of people to build it - certainly in the early setting up stages. It is possible for an experienced DIY person to do the whole job un aided. For safety reasons, we discourage this, for there are many opportunities for accidents when building a raised deck - alone or assisted.

Raised decks can certainly add a new dimension to outside living - either as a high balcony, or as a step out at same level from living room onto a level surface!

Raised Decks

If you are not experienced in DIY carpentry, please forget about building the raised deck by yourself. No ifs. No buts. Don't do it! The exception could be, if you are to build a deck that start off from ground level and then 'levels out' a stretch of uneven or sloping ground.

If you can build most of the raised deck sub-frame by standing on the ground, then it should be a project capable of being done by an experienced DIY person. If you need to use ladders and scaffold support, then it is NOT a job for a weekend amateur.

The pictures below, show a project that is capable of being done by a good DIY-er. It is not like a huge balcony deck, and most if not all of the sub deck work can be done from ground level. On sloping ground, extra care has to be taken when trying to cart heavy decking and joist timbers about, in preparation for your raised deck

Slope in front of the summerhouse screams out for a balcony deck The sub deck frame in front of the summer house is completed

The steep garden slope now has a balcony deck in front of the summer house
Find this project here

High level balcony decks are essentially for experts - NOT DIY!

The deck above - a high balcony with substantial staircase, is NOT a job for the confident DIY person. Raised Decking Balconies like this are essentially for professionals.

This type of Raised high level deck required a considerable amount of skill and experience, together with engineering skills not normally within the realm of the amateur.

This raised decking project required planning permission and also building controls adherence.

If raised decks like this are built by amateurs, then there could be potential lethal consequences, both in the construction works and also in normal family use.
This Raised Deck Project can be seen here


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