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Plastic Composite Decking News and Events

Trex Number1! (Again) - January 6th 2014

Yet again - for the seventh consecutive year - 'Trex™' has been voted the first place in 'Brand Familiarity' in the Builder Magazine study. It has also scored increasingly higher marks for 'quality'. 

 This can only help the company, who happen to be the world's largest manufacturer of Composite Decking and railings equipment.

 Last year it entered a court agreement of compensation for the long running 'battle' to do with the earlier products having various 'problems' including mold infestation.  

All that is in the past now, as Composite materials are generally accepted as the number one choice for outdoor public and commercial decking areas. It has been a high profile dispute which harmed the company and trade generally, but now hopefully put to rest as composite products surge forward.

London Olympics using Composite Decking

Composite decking will be used extensively for several areas at the London Olympics 2012. We will follow this up and bring you the latest specs and news on this great move forward for WPD Composite Decking. If WPD needed any other recommendations, then this must surely be it!

Greater London Decking has recently carried out several projects using composite decking boards. You can see their page about these composite decking installations here. 


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