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Low Level Raised decking Patio

This deck was the ideal solution to deal with these old fashioned, poorly designed and dangerous step to the garden. The raised deck was able to sit nicely over the steps - once the top layer had been taken off! You will see the various stages of building a deck in the image sequence.

Low level raised decks are an ideal way to utilise outdoor leisure space for whole family, and are not as difficult to build as the high level raised decks. the same work goes in, but with feet firmly on ground!

Good quality decking and structural timbers are essential. This raised deck totally changed the way in which the owners could access and use their garden.


Unsightly and dangerous steps before the deck was installed   Finished deck is a great improvement on the old steps and patio
Day 1 - Before we start                               Day 4 - More or less done

End of Day 1!

Joists support postes and all elements that make up a decking sub frame.

End of day 2

Timber decking support newel posts

Day 3 end

Decking project finished - ready for the balustrade infills to be made

Day 4 Easi-Up shelter erected to combat the forecast rain and stormy winds! (Well secured onto the deck.) At least electrical equipment can be kept dry in sudden downpours.

Protective portable shelter for electric tools and other valuables

Deck and balustrades finished, with staircase well underway - ready to have balustrade fixed. deck will then be clad down to ground level, and a 'child-proof' gate constructed!.

A hurried 'Getaway' from the threatening stormy rain. Just in the nick of time, Tools in Van, then the rain!

Small decking staircase gives access to the garden


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