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Raised deck with L shape at Beckenham

Project - provide access deck for handicapped child with no obstructions. The raised decking patio was decided upon, with an 'L' shaped aspect for maximum space.

Ease of access to the deck was high priority as was safety aspect of access to garden - secured by matching gate. This type of deck adds so much more room to the living area of a house. An outside room no less!

The deck fitted under the door sill so there was minimal change of level from house onto deck.

At the time of carrying out this work, VAT was not added, as the handicapped access to the garden is permitted free of VAT. You will need to check with contractor and VAT office if needed to ensure that this is the case for any similar project you have in mind.

Before we started >>>>>

Prior to start, the access to the garden area was totally unsafe, and unsuitable

After we had finished >>>>

Finished deck allowed full access to large area of decking with security provided by matching gate

Once we got going on day 1

Our usual sturdy decking subframe was erected and secured to the house.

Day 2 and we are well on the way - and enjoying some sunshine!!!!

Decking shape and structure now well underway

Day 3 (Spoke too soon about the sunshine - got hailed on, and rained on etc today (Fri 7th April 2006) but, just the staircase and a bit of screening to do to finish the project.

Finished raised timber deck with just the gate and timber trellis to make and install

Day 4 Finished

job done!

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