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Keymer Deck - Near Burgess Hill Sussex - Adjacent to Swimming Pool.

Before we started this project of a deck patio near a swimming pool, there was a sloping garden that had no function - other than being difficult to mow!

The resulting deck around the swimming pool area allowed for extensive use of an otherwise redundant bit of garden.


Before we started

The site before the decking project got underway


 The finished deck adjacent to swimming pool with decking balustrades adding interest and linking both.


The finished job


Closer view of the sofwood decking patio next to swimming pool.


A shaped overhang added interest to the deck.
Just the staircase to install - once the rather dodgy Mulberry Tree is felled!!


How We Did It

End of Day 1 March 21st 2006.

The deck subframe takes shape, with all bearers fixed on a temporary basis until all is perfect.

Day 2 Mar 22nd

Most of the sub-deck completed and concreted, so a little bit of decking also done!

Decking newels in position for the angled overhang section of the deck.


Day 3 - 23rd March - Joisting and extensive posting for balustrades nearly done, together with a good section of decking. A beautiful sunny day at last - Yippee!!

General view of the joist layout for this large slightly raised deck


Fri 25th Mar - Day 4. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday = beautiful sunshine; today rain, cloud and mud!!

Joisting cut out and shaped for step to pool area.

Staircase area cut out of the joisted sub deck after all had been fixed.

The deck subframe now finished - with a recess cut out for a small staircase.
And this is what it will look like from the pool side.

Mon 27th - Day 5

WET WET WET - Got soaked!!!

Tue 28th day 6 - very windy - and cold - but DRY!

Decking has started, with the laying of around 20% of the deckboards. Laying of decking now finished and the top rail of the decking balustrades being fixed.


Wed 29th - day 7. Dry but windy and cold. All decking done and much of the balustrading underway.



Thurs 30th March - Day 8. Very windy, cold and some sharp showers!

Balustrades around the angled  cantiliver section of the deck

The staircase from deck down to swimming pool level

Day 9 Friday March 31st. west, cold, windy - no glimpse of sun. What a spring!!

The deck no all but finished, with just a large staircase to be constructed.


OK - It's the 'staircase to be' - not a diving board for the pool! (Below)

This is how the staircase was built - prior to moving into position.

The Guv'nor in his spring/summer gear! The brightest the sky has been all day!
detail of the decking staircase under construction. 


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