Double Raised Timber Deck Project over steep bank - Hassocks Nr Brighton

Large raised deck over a very steep bank in garden near Brighton. Considerable care and engineering techniques were bought into play on this potentially dangerous project. However the final result over this hitherto unusable steep bank was well worth the effort by the Top Deck Decking team.

Needless to say, the owners were very pleased. The decking project involved the removal of an old rotten deck.


A large raised softwood deck with balustrades View across the softwood decking terrace Softwood deck - looking towards house

 Split level softwood deck with simple decking steps Close-up of the decking steps arrangement.

 Raised deck at side of house looking towards higher level deck Detail of balustrades at decking steps area

 Sturdy decking steps construction with safety railings The deck support posts showing bracing struts - using seck boards

Day 1 - 13th Oct 2004

Existing deck to be enlarged - just as well for the basic sub deck and timbers were either rotting or not suitable. Simply 'treated' timbers were used instead of 'tanalised' timbers. This deck is 10 years old!


The old rotten deck that had to be removed

Existing deck looks fine - until you get under the surface!


Old deck now removed, and vegetation being hacked back.

Day 2-3-4

Rain hampered work. The bank is very very slippery,

 The steep bank that was to be covered with the new softwood deck  


but we managed to get a start on the sub-deck on day 4

Sub deck being constructed over steep bank

Day 5 Monday 18th Oct

A beautiful day with good sunshine for most of it!

  Detail of the sub-deck base over very steep bank  

All without the aid of a safety net!   The sub-deck of the main deck now taking shape. Note the double bearers that take the weight of the joists.

Day 6 Tue 19th Oct
Rain threat all day - tools in and out of the van!!!!  But - things moved along >>>>>

Click image for enlargement

Under the deck view of large high raised deck The sub deck frame of the large raised deck area Posts and bearers for the joists of the large raised deck


Mon 25th - after week of rain on-off!!!

Main deck near finished with decking, whilst support holes have been dug for the lower deck - ready for sub-deck work to begin in that area.

Decking in progress - with deckboards being laid from the far edge of the deck Deck boards laid on the large raised deck subframe

End of Day on  26th Oct - Work starts on the Lower Deck Area. This deck will measure 11x3 metres, be constructed as a split level (2 levels deck) and is on a very steep/slippery bank.

High raised deck area at side of house - showing the basics of the sub deck construction

End of Friday 29th October

High raised deck showing sub frame and newels position  Angular decking. The deck boards laid at 45 deg angle

The newels (uprights) are fixed to the lower level deck, and a border trim is positioned ready for the diagonal decking

End of Monday 1st November... Lower decks now clad with decking boards in contrary diagonal method. Steps between lower and higher deck to be constructed, together with balustrade to complete.
(Weather forecast is for rain tomorrow. Oh Joy!!!!)

The angled deck boards help to define the steps area


End of Tue 2nd Nov.. Damp, dark and miserable.... Steps provided to split level deck, and balustrades started.

  Split level high raised deck with balustrade newels in place

End of Wed 3rd Nov - Balustrade constructed for lower split-level deck, and also started on main upper deck.  A good day for weather, but tomorrow does not sound too promising!

Access staircase from high level deck down to low 'split-level' deck is main project before a good tidy-up and light fitting to position.

Raised deck all but finished
This lower level deck is split level with dividing full-width steps. Dimensions approx 3m x 11m on very steep slope.


End of Day Thurs 4th Nov... Access platform and staircase linking lower and higher decks, well on way to completion. Support post on this steep bank, are 5.4m long!!!!

 Decking Staircase - construction of the top landing area. Decking Staircase treads affixed to stringers.   


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