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A simple  - but effective - decking garden path

A decking garden path was installed in this situation. There were stepping stones leading to this garden room but - as is normal with stepping stones - they were laid below the actual turf level. In extreme weather conditions, they invariably became wet and muddy. This presented problems when using the garden room in wet weather conditions. 

The simple decking path, raised above the grass, alleviates the problem. A straightforward little project to give years of service.

It also causes problems with mowing the lawn unless steps are taken to provide a mowing strip, or a planted border.

Decking patch are normally straight lines - but can also be shaped as in other projects on the site.

Sunken stepping stones not too good after heavy rain

Decking paths don't come any easier than this. Access was needed to the garden room at all times of the year, and somehow, stepping stones did not quite do the job - especially for the elderly visitors.

 A choice of deck laying for this type of path. It was decided to lay the decking full length - a matter of cost and ease of installation.

Basic raised decking path sorts out the problem of mud being carried on shoesThe deck boards could have been laid at right-angle to direction of deck - normal - but it was carried out this way to simply use up a bit of spare decking as a favour for the client.


A neat angled cut of the decking adds interest

  All cut ends of the treated decking, were treated with timber decking preservative to ensure the longevity of the the tanalised decking. You will be able to see how this 'end seal' has soaked into the end grain of the cut decking boards


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