Garden Decks and Garden Decking.

Most gardens can be enhanced by the addition of a garden deck area. Decking in the garden adds a new dimension to the use of the garden.

Decking is used to great effect in gardens in the USA and also on the European continent. It has sometimes had a bad name in the UK - not in the least because of it's banal use in the quick fix TV programme Ground Force.

Timber decking in the garden, is a versatile construction material, and it has many advantages over hard paved areas for family use. A garden decking area can be just a small hideaway - surrounded by plants, or can serve as a large family area for those gatherings at weekends and warm evenings.


All too often, some members of the family are excluded from ideas when thinking about garden decking. The children! Decking is a very user-friendly material, and kids normally love it. They will probably put the garden deck to more use for more of the time than adults.

There are a few important factors to bear in mind when planning and building a garden deck.

This garden was extensively decked and other works such as the gravel lawns made for ease of maintenance
A garden decking scheme that utilised the whole are of this small narrow garden, Decking was the obvious answer, for a lawn would have soon deteriorated with the use that the garden was put to with the owners.




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