Garden Deck at Orpington - Slightly Raised, with balustrade and decking path.

Deck patio at top end of the garden presents no problems after rainfall, for the house was connected to the deck by way of a decking garden path.

The shaped deck was on a slight slope. Two sets of stairs were included to give added access.

Small images can be clicked for enlargement.

Old deck removed and replaced with a softwood deck.

The deck is slightly raised, and has a split level to allow access to garden shed.


Garden deck with path from houseBalustraded garden deck patio with small steps provided

The softwood deck was complimented by a decking garden path that ran from the house patio to the decking patio. Two small decking steps we included to ensure safe access to the deck.

This decking work was carried out in the winter. There are plenty of perennial plants in the border to soften the edge of the decking path. After a few weeks the deck timber will tone down to a honey brown shade.

General view of the finished softwood garden deckThe decking garden path leads from house to deck

Below >> One of the decking staircases. This one being constructed from traditional cut out stair stringer. The steps at the other end were of box type construction.

Steps constructed from stingers pre-notched to take deck treads


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