Patio Decking/Landscape construction project.

A Garden Decking project is an 'owner-designed' patio, pond, garden decking complex. The substantial patio - which houses an unusually shaped pond, leads out onto 2 of 5 separate decks. Each deck is linked.

There is an octagonal deck sited slightly lower than the main rectangular decks, and it allows a seating area at the edge of a woodland garden - frequented by all manner of wildlife, including foxes and woodpeckers. As you would imagine, squirrels are also in attendance.



Project of paved patio, complex pond, and extensive decking. As you can see by the last thumbnail (Row 1) we get a lot of interest!
Start.JPG (44568 bytes) ShutteredIN.JPG (41097 bytes) PavingPondUnderwayIN.JPG (31165 bytes) NoseyFoxIN.JPG (13252 bytes)

Stage 1 of a 5-deck complex - This section shows the sturdy sub-deck structure.
Deckbase1sm.JPG (15399 bytes) Deckbase3sm.JPG (11889 bytes) Deckbase5sm.JPG (11971 bytes) Deckbase4sm.JPG (12516 bytes)

Decking Started.....Cutting corners..... The deck underway
Decking started.JPG (29221 bytes)
   cuttingcorners.JPG (36941 bytes)  deckUnderway.JPG (24356 bytes) ChangeDirection.JPG (32244 bytes)

The Pond is now full!                        Decking Detail
Paving nearly completed.JPG (27755 bytes) Pondfull2IN.JPG (21406 bytes) DeckPlan3IN.JPG (24885 bytes) OctagonSubdeckStarted10x8.JPG (52234 bytes)

All coming together now!
BalustradeIN.JPG (38798 bytes) ToOctagon2IN.JPG (19823 bytes) ToOctagonIN.JPG (21216 bytes) Octagon1IN.JPG (30594 bytes)

Our timber decking described 


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