Decking project Day 3

Decking of sub frame commences. In this instance all deckboards were screwed using proper specified decking screws. It is important to always use proper deck fixings which are specially treated for long life outdoors.

This is a slower job than nailing with the power nail gun, but it is what the client wanted. There are arguments for and against the use of nails or screws. Providing the correct specification nails - or screws - are used, both give a satisfactory job - sometimes! 

Just because a deck is screw-fixed or nail-fixed does not make it good or bad. It is 'how' either operation is carried out and with what materials.

Always a good time - the laying of the deckboards can now commenceDecking surface starts in earnest. This deck is screwed as distinct from nailing. Screwing deck boards into place provide very little advantage - if any - over ring shank nails which are driven in with a professional nail gun.

Slave driver boss makes sure of good progress with deckboard laying
The laying of the deck boards progresses throughout the day. A two man job, and working backwards in this instance, to take advantage of the ability to more or less stand -as distinct from kneeling or stooping if working from the deckboards as they are laid.

Just a bit of finishing off to do on the completed laying of deckboards A different angle to the deck

and finally ends up here - with just the finishing off to do on day 4!

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