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Decking project Day 2

Sub deck frame finished ready to take the deck-boards once the concreted supports have set.

The project moves forward at a good rate seeing the large sub deck frame more or less finished and fixed into place after firstly doing all minor corrections to the levels ready for the deck boards to be positioned.

For the angled corners, a basic rectangle was built, then after fixing, the corners were cu and the outer frame modified.


Sub deck base now finished and concreted into positionThe decking sub-base is finished and concreted into position. On this deck, two of the front corners have been cut at 45deg to soften the edge of an otherwise rectangular deck.

Sowing the joist work for sub deck
All joist work is using  150x50mm ( 6x2in) construction joists - tanalised to give a sub-base timber a guarantee against rot for 15 years. 

Deck sub base is now levelled and support posts concreted into ground
Deck support posts concreted into the ground using a quick set concrete mix which will allow work to continue on the deck almost immediately.

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