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Decking Project for Part raised deck taking a hot tub.

A large, slightly raised, decking patio.

A decking project day by day with which you can follow the full construction details of a moderately large deck.

The main plate bearer was more or less at ground level, with the front of the deck raised off ground by around 45cm - 18in..

Basic outline of proposed deck 

A few pieces of the sub deck joists are bought in and roughly positioned for the outer deck frame.

Decking fram joists strted to be fixed

Work gets underway on the sub deck joist work. The sub decking frame is simply supported with temporary post supports prior to proper levels being established.

Deck frame sub base poprogressing with joists in place and frame raised off ground to position

Here you can see the deck sub-deck progressing with the outer frame positioned, and joists being fastened to bearer joists with joist hangers.

Joist hangers are used for extra strength

And this is the type of joisting that is required for the strength that a substantial deck calls for. All of the joists on this sub deck are from 6x2in (150 x 50mm) tanalith treated timbers.

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