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Decks, Path, Balustrade and Pergola on Finished Deck - sloping garden - Kent.

Site very muddy, but job done - other than clearing up!!

This was an interesting project to design and build. The steeply sloping garden presented quite a few structural ideas and not a little extra physical work. At some times we had to rope ourselves to the deck structures to avoid rolling over into the Leyland conifer hedge screen.

It is not a job for the DIY part timer. Strictly for professionals, and took rather more than a few weekends to complete!

It was the ideal solution for the sloping garden, and gave plenty of scope for family - and kids in particular - to be able to put the garden to roper use.


Click images for enlargement.

Hey! yjat's quite some pathway between the decks

The decking stair case and access platform.

This is what it was before the deck was built <<<This into this>>>> The finished deck

Before and after of the area.

Deck over steep slope now finished and ready for use The connecting staircase between the decks took a bith of thought Well worth the effort for this path come staircase

From the images, you should be able to see how the whole decking system was supported and constructed on this steeply sloping garden.

Finished decking project over steep slope of garden As well as being a functional deck - it was a great playground for the kids Belv7.JPG (83336 bytes) The pergola over the octagonal deck added interest - and a few scratches of the head

A slight concern was when the clients decided that they were going to sling a hammock on the pergola posts. The pergola had already been well constructed, so there was no objections after assessing the situation.

Deck needs to have a bit of a clean up, but all ready to use now. The completed job of two decks - joined - over steep sloping garden

For the deck builders - a very interesting few days of work! For the client - a section of the garden that can now be used - and further enhanced with careful plantings of shrubs and other plants - especially along the banks of the 'dry river bed'.

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