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Day 3 - Raised decking project steep sloping garden.  octagonal decks - with deck mounted pergola

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Top deck all but done, whilst the base and sub-deck for the octagonal deck is well underway.

Note the support beams - bearers - under the extended part of the octagonal deck. Beams slung this way, allow for the joists to be supported under the overhanging section of the octagon. Basically it is just an oblong rectangle, with the corners cut away at 45deg to give added interest. 

The bracing timber - seen at angle under the deck base, is screwed to the joists to maintain stability and 'square' whilst the octagonal angles are cut away. Once the deckboards are fixed, then they will brace the whole structure - as long as the deck frame is well fixed to secure upright posts.

In this instance, the octagonal deck is also to have a substantial pergola fixed to it as well, so it is very important to ensure a stable structure.

Top deck waiting for balustrades to be finished Image gives a good view of the overall decking project on this steep slope Now the balustrades have been started on the lower deck section The octagonal deck sub frame is now a proper octagons

Day 4 
All foundation/engineering work complete on the octagonal deck; top deck completed; pergola uprights sorted on the octagonal deck. These are bolted through to the support posts fixed under the deck, and to the deck frame.!

Kids - home from school - carry out close inspection of the below deck are to ensure that it meets with requirements!!!!

Posts to be seen are for the provision of pergola over the deck  View of both decks
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 main higher deck is now finished - other than for provision of a staircase Octagon being overlooked by the higher level deck  
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Rised deck over the steep slope Don't jump please. we will finish the staircase soon

Day 5

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Most of the heavy structural work now completed over the slopes.

Pergola takes shape over the octagonal deck General view of both decks nearing completion  Higher deck finished and awaiting the provision of connecting staircase How the two decks will be joined together can be seen here

Pergola now takes shape, and has a splayed angle effect on the pergola rafter beams. All beams and bearing beams for the pergola are 6x2in - 150x50mm Joist timbers. Balustrade railings to angled top deck now completed. Note the method of fixing the spindles through to the deck fascia for added stability.

 Still waiting for the connecting staircase path for the two decks Balustrades to be finished on the lower octagon deck

The central image above, shows the amount of work required to build these sloping garden decks. It cannot be over-emphasised, that this type of decking project really is not for the DIY amateur. It needs a good working knowledge of structural practices, and experienced use of the tools required to do the work. Ah yes! It is also demanding physical work!

Day 6 - after a day of on-off rain!!!

 balustrades now finished on the lower octagonal deck section First stage of building the connecting path between the decks  Connecting path/staircase taking shape

Basic beams for the connecting staircase are in position, and central newels placed on the runner beams. As well as the staircase, there is an additional platform mini-deck at the bottom. This was simply to 'lighten' the load on the stair case. A longer staircase would have involved additional supports - and expense.

Day 7 - Rain stopped play!!!!

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