Building an L shaped Deck.

The deck in the images - as well as being basically L shaped - also has a cutaway angle to add a bit of interest. Again, build the rectangular section sub-base first, then simply cut the joists to the desired angle - unless you have the confidence (and ability) to go for the angled section from the start.

In the example below, we have opted to build one section of the deck, before going round the corner of the house to start on the other section of the L shaped deck.

The best way to tackle an L shaped deck is to treat it as two separate rectangles, which is basically what it is!

Deck subframe being constructed around corner of the house for the L shaped deck
Basic sub frame of the first section of the L shaped deck, each 150x50mm joist is concreted into the ground by way of 100x100mm posts, and noggins are also provided to add a little stability whilst the concrete sets. This could also have been done simply by screwing a deckboard across the joists. Where the deck sub frame is resting on a bearer at far end, the joists are spike-nailed to the bearer to ensure stability.

Part of the deck - the L corner is also angled for a design effect
A different view - with potential help available in the background!

Decking starts on the main section of the L shaped deck
Decking commences, with boards being allowed to overhang the edge - ready to be cut off in nice straight line later. A continuation joist for the other section of the L shaped deck can be seen forming the shape of the L.

The deckboards are trimmed toline after the deck is laid
Most of the first section of the L shape completed, with the deck boards overhangs cut off with power saw - along a drawn straight pencil line!

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