Decking around hot tub in France - The Alps.

The decks are finished and ready to be used for the Skiers when they descend upon Val d'Isere in a couple of days time. The decking project was on three levels giving access to the spa that was installed by  The team at Mountain View were great professionals - and also good friends.

The decking project took two weeks to complete, by one person - DH. DH was  stranded in the Alps for three weeks in all after an incident with his 4x4 on the drive up to the Alps. (A brake pipe severed, and a replacement had to be sourced from Japan!)

The Spa with it's surrounding deck was well received and used by the skiers when snow enveloped the area just a few days after completion. The colours of the timber decking were so warm. I never did get to find out what species of tree the timber came from. Lack of French on my part basically!

 The tiered layers to the hot tub were quite a feature. Precise levels were a bit difficult to attain sometimes - owing to the lack of uniformity of thickness of the supplied timber that was to serve as the deck frame and joists. Correct levels on the sub frame were achieved by measuring from the top down rather than from the bottom up as would normally be the case! It all added up to an interesting experience with a few challenges on the way through.

The decked spa - hot tub - area in the french Alps

Standing back at the finished project was quite rewarding - given the time scale, and different materials, and above all being in an environment where I could not converse with anyone - other than the restaurant owner (for whom, thank you so much for preparing those meals for me, when you had simply arrived to get your restaurant open in time for the season!

It is surprising what can be achieved with simple gestures and facial expressions. The language barrier first struck home at 11.00am on the second morning, when one of the French carpenters asked me if I liked blanc. As we had just had our first snow flurry, I assumed that 'blanc'  meant Mont Blanc, so nodded and simply said "Beautiful". I was then guided into their workplace and invited to sit down and enjoy the 'blanc' which as you might have guessed was in a bottle! And that at 11.00am before I had time to eat!

Anyway - here's the finished project!

Looking down on the work area for the deck around the hot tub Cladding adds the finishing touches to the decked spa area

No room for error on this deckwork sitting under the hot tub - spa unit Pedestrian area to spa are is decked

View of the balustrade around the hot tub area in French Alps

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