French Alps Decking Project. Hot tub Spa at Val d'Isere

Raised deck area underway and a start on the decking balustrade. The next stage will be to construct the intermediate deck area - followed by the low level decking surrounds.

The raised decking section now finished together with much of the deck balustrade. To a certain extent, the decking was designed as work progressed, with just a few scribbles on a piece of paper, which were normally nodded through. It is nice to have that sort of trust ion a project.

There were a clutch of French carpenters on the site - turning garages into changing rooms and showers etc. All of us working to the same tight schedule, abut all of us with time to help out whoever needed help.


Subdeck frame sorted out arounf the hot tub spa pit and decking starts.

I have to admit to a feeling of trepidation when told that there would be other carpentry work underway. Would I be seen as stealing their work? No problem. Everything went well - especially as I was able to help the others on the first day by allowing use of my hefty radial arm saw. we all shared the same passion for good wine and food, which also helped!

The angles of the raised section of the deck adjacent to the hot tub have been cut in, and everyone now is starting to visualise what the finished project will look like. had a lot of interest from the 'resident' carpenters - together with many compliments - and that was before the meals!

Angled decking area around the spa hot tub

A little snow fell, so it was time for a rather 'hairy' drive up to the top of the Alps above Val d'Isere.  And time for a bit of sightseeing!! Really taking a chance with time schedule for the job to finish - and also my drive back to Calais for the booked return!

It was also getting a little bit near to my self-imposed deadline to get the work finished on time.

Ok - so we had to relax some of the time!

The images need no description.

the weather can turn a bit sudden in the French Alps!

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