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In October/November 2005 The Top Deck  travelled to France to build a deck in the French Alps. The venture was not without incident - but the scenery, food, accommodation, the people  and of course the wine of France - made up for everything!! Decking in France was not too much of a logistics problem - thanks to our friends at

The Timber Decking project was carried out by Top Deck Chief David Hughes and from leaving Folkestone for France to the return trip took two weeks - including mishaps aplenty - brake failure on the 4x4, just before the winding roads of the Alps in France - was just one of them!

Timber for the project was sourced locally in France, and smooth sided decking boards were decided upon. They were not as uniform in thickness or quality as the decking normally available in the UK, but had other endearing qualities - colour for one.

The Chalet complex looked absolutely fantastic at Val d'Isere, and it didn't take DH too long to get settled in - after the right door security code had been found! The first day involved moving a few tonnes of decking to a place where it was not in the way. (It had been delivered and dropped on top of the site where the deck was to be built!

The finished deck and spa in the French Alps

The guts of the hot tub/spa had been installed, The deck had to be raised above tha wall and was to sit under the lip of the spa

Needless to say - as with anywhere in the Alps region of France, the views were stunning... Any time off - such as when waiting for materials to appear - allowed for DH to go wandering through this section of the Alps with camera at the ready.

A general view of the working environment!

but work had to commence. A tight timescale was in force. the Alps skiing season was to start in two weeks, and regardless of weather conditions, this project had to be finished on time!

End of Day 3 saw much of the decking sub frame for the raised section of deck around the spa, installed and decking actually started. The joisting material was of necessity of supply - 3x2in. The shallow depth of joist required much more support than would the normal 6x2in joist.

Deck subframe being built around the hot tub spa

The end game was that the decking should fit snugly below the rim of the substantial hot tub. Test pieces of decking were used to ensure that this was the case.

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