Decking Patio Ideas, Balconies and Gardens.

Decking can be used in almost any situation within the garden, but  - like all other aspects of garden design - needs to be designed with careful thought (and with you -the client) in mind.

Decking is here to stay and is being specified more and more for new homes being built in the South, and certainly as far as we are concerned, the demand for properly designed decking schemes is increasing daily.

Unlike concrete slab patios, decking is user-friendly throughout the year. It is warmer than a concrete patios in the winter, and cooler in summer. A properly designed and built deck will last a lifetime - with minimum maintenance.

Long lengths of timber deck boards - 'softened' by the use of a planted palm near the deck. The timber playhouse situated on this deck was constructed by using halved pencil logs - treated with Tanalith to blend in with the deck over time. All maner of houses can be enhanced with careful design of a deck. In this case, the traditional Oast House had access to the deck from all doorways on the ground floor.

A few examples of how timber decking can transform a house. It can simply be an entrance patio for the house and fit in with any architectural style, house a few choice plants and show them off admirably against it neutral background, or be host to the children's play activities. This then , is the versatile side of garden decking.

This deck clearly enhanced by the careful planting in containers. The hardwood table set, will mature to the same colour as the softwood deck if left without oiling or other treatment. Pergola atop a substantial deck - awaiting some plants. This access to the deck stairway has been made doubly safe by the inclusion of a slightly sunken 'platform'. The changed direction of the decking balustrade also made for a pleasing design effect.

The picture on left clearly shows the intended use for this raised patio deck, whilst centre, the pergola is eagerly awaiting some shade-giving climbers to filter the sun from the adjoining living room. Decking on right shows how the house is now accessible from the garden - and more importantly - Too the garden which for the main part had always been neglected for any use owing to the steep slope that abutted the patio. No longer, the decking staircase takes the house down into the garden, which has now become a delightful sunken oasis!

The main thing to realise about the type of decks seen on this page, is that they are genuinely part of the house - rather than part of the garden - as is the traditional patio. Of course, we design and build garden decks as well, but the real benefits of decking are the uses to which t it can be put - ancillary to the house. Yes - it can also link the house to the garden, but it is a totally different concept to patios!!!!

Decks have been in use for hundreds of years in this country! Simply take a walk around the old boats. The decks are still there! 

Alan Titchmarsh recently pronounced that Decking was being overdone. In the real world, nothing could be further from the truth. If he meant that the little blue jobs - the backbone of his ex TV programmes - are through, then that's fine. No loss!

Have a look round our site at some of the projects and judge for yourself. You can start by clicking on the image below to see how it started life, and how it progressed!

Octagonal feature deck around a tree


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