Large Deck Spectator Area - Daytona Kart Track - Sandown Park, Esher.

Provision of large softwood decking area for spectator amenities at The Daytona Kart Track in Sandown Park - Esher Surrey.

The decking area  replaced an old patio of paving and tarmac with some grass areas. The whole area was decked using tanalised softwood decking.

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Before we started!

Daytona Kart Track before decking project  Daytona Kart track rest area before decking project  Daytona Kart Track general view before deck installation  Daytona Kart Track main spectator area before decking 001IN.JPG (55572 bytes)

Daytona Director Charles Graham, gets a grip of the mini-digger (Whilst one of his staff climbs on to the roof !)
leaving the way clear for the Top Deck Decking team to make a start.
Work starts on clearing the ground at Daytona
  The mini-digger has done a good job at basic clearance and levels  Sorting out a few levels for work to start on the deck at Daytona Kart Track    First section of deck sub frame is well on way to being finished

Work progresses with help from the beautiful September weather we are experiencing, and by end of day 3, a substantial section of decking is done. Bearing in mind that business must carry on as usual
Double bearers are on view under the decking sub frame
  Work on the deck subframe continues  day2 009IN.JPG (57434 bytes)  Decking started on first section at Daytona

We get 'buzzed' from time to time!  

This is what normally happens at Daytona

And forward to week 2. Most of decking laid on phase 1 raised deck, with just stairs and rails to complete. The weather has changed!!

Decking area well on the way now  Much of the main Daytona deck finished  Still plenty of decking work to take place  All deckboards now laid - ready for finishing details

Set of steps inset to the main deck    

Well on the way - Hold mouse over image for different view.

Split level deck at Daytona with access stairway

The finished project >>>>>



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