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Large Raised L-Shaped Deck - Croydon

The brief for this L-shaped Raised Timber Deck, was to allow for a level recreation space, with virtually no step from the house access, and a purpose built set of steps from the higher access.

Thereafter, a wide staircase down to the lawn garden.

The deck builders, designed and built the large L shaped decking project.  The existing steep flights of concrete steps leading down on to uneven patio were just the right situation for a large raised deck!  Attractive 'L'-Shape as well. The deck will be complimented by a chevron corner, balustrades for safety as the deck is over a metre high in most places - and a wide staircase down to the garden.

One of the existing sets of steps before the decking was built. The dangerous steps at the side of the house to be replaced with a new decking staircase
The 'before' pictures illustrate the steepness of the steps from the living area down to the patio. The deck was raised partly and then a new decking staircase installed to give a more usable access point.

A substantial L Shaped deck sub frame was first constructed. The corner angle of the house is catered for with a modified deck sub frame

End of Day 2 sees the raised sub deck well on way to completion, with some angular work ready to accept a herringbone pattern at the right-angled corner. Careful thought has to be given to the deck joists at the area where the angles of the herringbone decking meet - forming the L shape. The angle has to be perfect to allow for the deck boards to be fixed central to the deck joists.

Long narrow side-section 0f the L shaped deck now clad with deckboards. The herringbone pattern around the corner can be seen to the right of the right hand image.

This view from top floor window give idea of the scale of the raised deck project Birds eye viw of the decking terrace

Around the corner, the other adjoining section of the large raised L shaped deck is all but finished other than the trellis that is to be fitted as screen in front of the old panel fence. This screening was important because of the privacy problem that would have arisen with normal balustrade. Agreement was reached with the owners of the adjoining property before the deck project was undertaken. Always a good idea - and simply courteous and good manners - especially with large raised decking project. Nowadays, all such deck will most certainly require planning consent permission.

Part of the finished deck seen from above.


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