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Children's Decking Play Area in Tonbridge.

The decking playground area project included a play hut. The contractors came up with the design for the log cabin look with a brushwood roof within the play area.

The log cabin is fully waterproof and can act as a storage area in future years.

The timber decking area is similar to our standard decking work - but with ropes instead of normal balustrade. two small staircases - a ladder access to the play hut area and three levels of deck, complimented by sloping ramps, made for an area of high use - even before we were finished. Together with this, the main deck area can serve as a recreation area for the family, being large and wide enough for table and chairs. A decking area with a difference! 

View across deck towards log cabin playhouse side view of the log cabin playhouse with rear steps and safety balustrades main deck area with ropework safety barriers. The posts are concreted into the ground front view of log cabing playhouse

Seems to be strong enough!

A visiting friend from Germany makes sure that the safety rail is up to the job. View across main deck to the timber log cabin playhouse

The Log cabin is now 'logged'! Just the doors and the water pistol hatches to sort - a minor detail! (The children beg to differ!)

The play house was made from halved logs Several path options allowed for freedom of movement and interest

Play hut roof has been felted - rain imminent! Main deck joisted and part decked after supports were concreted into position.

The area was interlaced with various pathways from decking

An angled ramp runway has been constructed in the main play area, together with decked platform for the playhouse. Shell of playhouse constructed ready to be clad with log cabin effect cladding.

The high level decking path leading to the timber playhouse

For How we got here - see images below.



Angled decking path The decking path made its way around trees  Decking path leading to play area and playhouse


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