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Raised Deck - Decking extends out over old patio.

A few images of small garden decking projects.

These images graphically show a before and after view of some of our decking projects. 

Old dangerous patio area replaced with high level raised deck. Access to the garden and lower area from the decking was restricted by balustrade and gateway. The raised deck enabled safe use of the area - for children in particular. The deck was designed and built to ensure a safe deck with access gates at both ends. Top grade decking timbers and joists were used.

Whilst the deck was laid over an old patio area, it is classed here as a raised deck, because of the potentially dangerous drop down to the garden. Normal raised deck standards and regulations relating to the balustrade were taken into account, with the balustrade having to be the correct height as laid down in normal local authority building regulations for deck and exterior balustrades - railings are concerned.

In building such a deck over a patio, care has to be taken to ensure that the deck is secured in order to prevent any 'slippage' as a result of the timbers shrinking and expanding.


The decking project included a deck timber pathway to the bottom of the garden.

Patio area before decking works

Substantial Joists are placed in position before the decking can be installed
The image above  shows the deck joist bearers being laid to take advantage of the jutting outbuilding, which will give added stability of the deck, and prevent any forward creep. Decks of this size involve the use of a ton or more of timber - hardly likely to move too far!

 Safety of access to and from the deck for children was taken care of by purpose built gates.

The finished deck from the business point! All that is needed now is the right weather

 A decking pathway completes the job

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