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Garden Patio Deck -  Nr Maidstone Kent.

Timber Patio deck set in garden surrounds with balustrade extending into the pergola walkway.

 The garden deck is accessed by a shallow set of steps up from the lawn area.

Situated at the far corner of the garden, this deck provided a pleasant focal point from the residence. The main criteria of design was to ensure that the new 'modern' deck blended in well adjacent to the traditional brick pier pergola.

Treated softwood decking and joists were used throughout on the garden project. The decking handrails - balustrades - extended beyond the deck and across the front of a pergola and existing path. This made for quite a feature and certainly added to the overall project - bringing the deck into the rest of the garden. As can be imagined from the first image below, there wer concernes as to whether this could be achieved. The second image of the finished deck shows that any fears were not realised.

The enlarged image will show details of the sub deck construction. Although a smallish deck, the same standard of decking joist are used - as with the actual deckboards. As well as giving a more robust finish to the deck, by using good standard and quality materials, the whole job is easier to do. There is no need for trying to bend back into shape, inferior deck joists or deckboards.

Anyway, it is all about pride of workmanship - whether doing it as a DIY project or as a professional.

Timber patio decking at Barming Kent under costruction.

Deck base, most of the deckboards and handrail newels in position on the garden patio deck, with angled corners adding to the overall effect and softening the outline. The deck was raised to the level of the paved patio beneath the pergola area, and a small staircase provided for access.


Deck with balustrade attached to pergolaThe finished job, including additional balustrade to existing Pergola to 'extend' the new deck area. The 'extension' of the balustrade into the garden between the existing brickwork pergola piers really did add a lot visually to this scheme, and completely altered the emphasis of the garden visually and again for user friendliness.

When adding a deck to the garden, it can often seem overpowering - mainly because of its newness and usually size. If you are going to have a deck - the bigger the better.

Give thought to how adjacent areas of the garden can be blended into the deck - or the other way round - how can the deck be integrated into and existing area of mature garden. Each project is different, and will have its own set of objectives to sort. Done simply opt for a 'sun platform'. This about what additional uses you will have for the garden area near the deck, and also how the deck will impact on that part of the garden. traffic to and from the deck for instance is an important consideration. Shortly after rainfall the deck will be ready for use. But, will walking over a soggy lawn prevent that!

How will shrubs and other plants adjacent to the deck adapt to infringement on their growing space, and will the rainfall run-off from the deck cause any boggy spots!



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