Our Decking Photo Album - to be extended.

These are a few ideas for your decking project. A great way to extend your house living area.

The subtlety of aging timber as it tones down naturally to a grey colour, can be stopped by the use of a good quality decking oil. NOT just a decking stain.

All thumbnail images lead to page of description on how the deck was built.

Click on the image of your choice to be directed to the page of info and images of that particular project

Split level deck which created two distinct areas or rooms  Large deck which acted as base for hot tub  Shaped deck path with connecting decks at top and bottom of garden

Large decking project involving taking up an old deck and replacing with three new decks  The balustrade on this deck was extended along the garden to prevent safety issues on a steep slope  Small deck that really worked

Complex pair of decks on sloping garden with connecting pathway

Modern deck scheme with rectangular pond feature  Large overhanging deck terrace with stunning views over Kent landscape  A shaped and sometimes curved deck with pergola and balustrades

High level deck sorts out the steep garden that was larhely un-used.  Angled pergola at house corner with curved deck and rope railings

Large deck with large pergola and hot tub fixing  A garden decking scheme to make gardening and maintenance easy.

Deck over very very steep slope.  Shaped patio deck replaces old patio complex  A low level flat deck - large - with brickwork surrounds

Small garden patio deck with pergola and ropes.  Under the deck is important. It is where all the main work is carried out!  A stunning conservatory called for a stunning deck - several in fact.

A basic angled garden patio deck


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